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Northern Manor is always looking to fill any clinical need.

These specialized units and/or programs introduce advanced methods by unique experts who are celebrated for their pioneering knowledge in the specific specialties.

Vent Unit

Northern Manor’s Vent Care Unit is designed for patients who require ventilator care due to an injury, chronic disease or other respiratory complications.

Northern Manor has 30 years of experience in ventilator care, and our Chief Pulmonologist has more than 40. We achieve great outcomes as our respiratory experts provide customized care, successfully helping hundreds of patients regain their independence.

All of our patients on ventilators are closely monitored by physicians, respiratory therapists and skilled nurses trained in respiratory care. Patient monitoring 24-hours a day ensures the greatest possible comfort, as our highly skilled staff blends empathy with expertise to create unique goal-oriented care plans for each individual patient.

An expert team monitors patient progress, making daily adjustments to the plan, in order to create a real-time program to get patients stronger. Although some patients require the ventilator for the long-term, our units wean many off of vent care.

GO™ Rehab Program

The GO Rehab Program is rated in the top 5% nationwide* for rehab from injury, illness and surgery. The program is uniquely designed to provide dramatic improvement in two key areas: Clinical Outcomes and Resident Experience. It provides a very different option for residents and their families who are looking for an enhanced experience on their road to recovery. The priority is to get clients back to their lives faster and stronger.

  • Access to an attending physician 5 days a week and to a team of registered nurses 24/7
  • Features cutting-edge rehab equipment, including the groundbreaking Jintronix biofeedback system
  • Access to private and semi-private rooms
  • Smart TVs, branded coffee, and Chromebooks
  • A gourmet menu of healthy food choices
  • A fully equipped ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Suite

*According to data from UDSMR—a not-for-profit organization affiliated with the University at Buffalo.